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Wisdek, a SEO company based in Ontario Canada, offers a Satisfaction Guarantee on their webpage.

But what does that really mean? Absolutely nothing.

The only reason I chose to use them was because of their Satisfaction Guarantee. It's just an empty promise.

If a company offers a Satisfaction Guarantee, they should be able to back it up; Wisdek doesn't. They would rather spend more money paying lawyers than pay the money back to unsatisfied customers.

After I told them I wasn't satisfied and sent them proof that their SEO

services don't work they still wouldn't give me a total refund. Then I told them that if they don't refund my money that I would file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and post an article so people would understand more about their "Satisfaction Guarantee". Hence the article.

Wisdek posted on a different Pissed Consumer article I wrote that the Better Business Bureau rejected my complaint. Now I understand why there was only a few complaints filed against them. It's because the Better Business Bureau rejects the complaints filed against Wisdek! I guess other people aren't as persistent as me.

I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau again to find out what I did wrong in filing my complaint and will file it again.

In my search for search engine optimization I found three great websites. They are WooRank, Nibbler.Silktide and the newest, most powerful is PowerMapper. PowerMapper does offer a money back guarantee, no questions ask. If I were to do it all over again, I wouldn't pay Wisdek but put my money with PowerMapper. I will be paying them once I get my three new products up and running, one which includes a posture directory.

I've been using WooRank to start and fixed up my backstage of my website but it wasn't enough. Then I went to Nibbler.Silktide as they are more thorough. Now I'm using PowerMapper because it is even better. I suggest using all three.

I think I know why Wisdek would rather take me to court than pay me back and honor their Satisfaction Guarantee. If they pay me my money back, they might go out of business because I would open the flood gates now that everybody knows about what is going on… if this post actually gets read that is.

I've posted the information regarding the quest for making my website awesome on my FHPProducts company website in the news. I am an inventor and have three patents.

I gave Wisdek my address in China to send me the lawsuit. I will see what happens.

I've been thru lawsuits before because I got screwed by my old business partner and sued him for fraud and patent infringement. This should be interesting to watch.

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Fremont, California, United States #801600

these guys are located in cairo egypt in maadi call center park. i did some investigation.


We were a technology provider to Wisdek. They used our services, then reversed all the charges.

We are about to sue for breach of contract and fraud, and might transition it to a class action lawsuit as we have already found 5 other vendors that have experienced the same cycle. They could not deliver for their clients, the clients cancelled, and they figured they did not need to pay their bill so they reversed the charges as fraud.

We can either spend the money fighting through Visa, or make it more painful for them. We decided on the later.

to Anon Fremont, California, United States #801601

these guys are located in cairo egypt in maadi call center park.



Complete dishonest and will use fine print. You WILL be promise the world.

Their reports are not true with whats happening. Unlimited clicks will work for a very limited time. Their "reports" will tell you, you are on the top 3. However you own research will prove otherwise.

Complete failure and high pressure sales. In fact one of my calls was 11.30pm trying to sell me something.


I hired Wisdek for some advertising on December 1, 2011. I choose the sponsored links because they are supposed to go live IMMEDIATELY.

I found a problem with the ads not showing up properly on December 6th. I notified them by e-mail and made several phone calls. They kept saying they would call me back but never did. I stayed very polite and professional until January 6th when I filed with the BBB. I think staying polite and professional only fed more into the idea they can keep blowing me off. I was contacted by Eran after being extremely persistent. He said he would make it right but I still had to pay for the month my ads were no good. They set up new ads for me on the 10th. From the 10th to the 17th they couldn't get the ads up right or insert the descriptions I stated to insert. Thrista acted *** again and claimed they never received them. I forwarded the e-mail I sent in with the contract. I updated the BBB report on the 14th or 15th. Finally on the 17th my ads were up for the first time with the proper description and in the proper place.

I receive a call from Eran on the 18th who was very upset that I wrote the BBB and stated that is "not the proper channel to handle this matter". After 45+ days of being patient, I had enough and contacted the BBB as I should as a consumer.

Eran said he was going to pull my ads and "blackball" my company from internet advertising. He said he would "share my information" with other companies and make sure I can't get advertising for my business. First, it's a violation of Canadian and US law to "share" customer information, second, what kind of company feels they have to "punish" a customer because they are unhappy?

Rather than getting it right Eran chose to ad insult to injury. So, here I am, telling my story on the internet. STAY AWAY!

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